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MicroReader 3

Automated, programmable microwell strip photometer with

onboard, high quality graphic and alphanumeric printer


MicroReader 3

The MicroReader 3 offers automated measurement and print out of microplate-based assays (like ELISA/EIA) in many applications, some of which include: clinical, agricultural, environmental, industrial and veterinary. It delivers accurate and flexible photometric analysis of such samples plus versatile data-handling of sample results through its computer interface option.


Specially designed software, stored on a removable cartridge, features an open programming format and straightforward step-by-step menu prompting for simplified, yet flexible, system-customizing to individual protocols.


The MicroReader 3 ist almost exclusive in its offering of six installed filters - most readers include only four. Monochromatic or bichromatic readings may be performed, a software-controlled selection, according to individual requirements. Another way in which the MicroReader 3 increases its application flexibility.


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