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MicroReader 4 Plus

An external computer enhanced microplate reader with a

built-in microplate shaker provides automated, flexible

and rapid phometric analysis


MicroReader 4 Plus

Optimized for accurate and reliable photometric measurement of microplate-based assays (with or without shaking before reading) and operated by a peripheral computer, the MicroReader 4 Plus offers you the best value today:

  • An open system for customizing individual protocols
  • An intuitive windows-based user-interface, which facilitates programming of even the most complex ELISA/EIA applications
  • Six installed filters and a built-in microplate shaker, which further enhance its application flexibility as more types of assays may be used with the system
  • A full range of work load demands, including batch and profile analysis
  • Self-calibrating capabilities, which ensure accurate and reliable measurement each and every time it is used


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