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Sophisticated, modular software for the MicroReader 4 Plus

offers extensive possibilities for instrument operation and

data evaluation (e.g. screening, curve fitting, kinetics, etc.)


MicroReader 4 Plus

MicroWin is a complete modular package for the flexible evaluation of all microplate tests & assays:

  • MicroWin gives you the ability to evaluate screening, curve fitting and kinetics.
  • In order to guarantee the flexibility of MicroWin, a driver system has been implemented. Similar for example to the drivers used for printers. Four different types of driver serve for reader, data export, curve fitting and sampler. 
  • MicroWin Screening offers a qualitative selection with up to 10 level threshold matrix for positive, doubtful or negative. Each threshold limit is calculated using a formula or fixed value. Each flag may also be color-coded, allowing easy identification of particular results.
  • MicroWin Curvefit provides a large amount of curve fitting routines used for the calculation of sample concentrations. Fitting algorithms include Regression, Point to Point, Spline, 4Para and Logit/log with up to 24 Standards with replicates. Up to 12 reference curves can be processed on each microplate All curves may be saved, so that they can be re-used for following plates.
  • MicroWin Kinetics enables to observe the changes of OD during a kinetic measurement (Shortest possible intervall between measurements with MicroReader 4 Plus: 20 seconds). Comprehensive data reduction algorithms are available for the calculation of Delta/min, Onset-Time, Vmax, Slope, Min/Max, Integral, etc.

For a detailed overview of the features and price for each available module, please press here (PDF-file)




1. THE DEMO VERSION CANNOT BE USED TO OPERATE THE MICROREADER 4 PLUS! It works with a so-called null device driver. This implies, that all features can be viewed without the MicroReader 4 Plus being connected.

2. The demo version includes all modules. Therefore, it may contain features, which will not be available in the module supplied with the unit. (The module Connect is supplied with and included in the price of the MicroReader 4 Plus)

3. After completion of the download and unzipping the file mwin_4xx.zip, you will get a folder called TempMwin. Inside this folder you will find Disk1, which contains all necessary files. Starting the file Setup.exe will install the demo version of the MicroWin software on your computer.


Please press here to start the download of the MicroWin demo version (ZIP-file, 8.23 MB)