Ger J.C. Bolt

Technical Service

Laboratory Equipment

Justus-Liebig-Str. 38

64839 Muenster


Tel.: +49-6071-305 381

Fax: +49-6071-305 384

Email: bolt@medicalscientific.de


General Terms and Conditions




Our standard delivery terms are Ex Works Muenster, Germany.


For the shipment of instruments we use Federal Express International Priority. However, you can also instruct a freight forwarder of your choice to pick the shipment up at our plant, in which case we would not charge for shipping. This might be advantageous if you have an account with FedEx, DHL, UPS or any other international carrier. You could also communicate the name of your carrier and your account number to us. We would then instruct the carrier at our end, but they would bill their charges directly to you. Our Muenster plant is located about 35 kilometers South of Frankfurt International Airport.


For shipping spare parts we might also use registered air parcel post, depending on the volume, weight and value of the shipment.



Unless otherwise agreed upon, payment can be effected by:


Prepayment by bank wire transfer

to our International Bank Account Number (IBAN) DE08 5085 2651 0036 0816 36

at Sparkasse Dieburg, Bank Identification Code (BIC) HELADEF1DIE.




We invoice our customers in the United States in US-Dollars. The applicable conversion rate is being published here at this site and is revised on a monthly basis. All orders placed within a respective calendar month will be invoiced by using the published conversion factor, regardless of the actual shipping and/or invoicing date. Please check this site each time prior to placing your purchase order.


The conversion rate for the month of January 2019 is 1.15 (EUR 1 = USD 1.15).