Ger J.C. Bolt

Technical Service

Laboratory Equipment

Justus-Liebig-Str. 38

64839 Muenster


Tel.: +49-6071-305 381

Fax: +49-6071-305 384

Email: bolt@medicalscientific.de




Ger J.C. Bolt 

Technical Service

Laboratory Equipment                                               Tel.:  +49-6071-305 381

Justus-Liebig-Str. 38                                                  Fax: +49-6071-305 384

64839 Muenster                                                         Email: info@medicalscientific.de

Germany                                                                   *Tax-Nr.: 08 807 32283


*We are registered as "Small Business" under §19 (1) of the German VAT-law (no VAT-ID required).




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