Ger J.C. Bolt

Technical Service

Laboratory Equipment

Justus-Liebig-Str. 38

64839 Muenster


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Email: bolt@medicalscientific.de


Company profile

MSE was founded in 1986 and is a developer and supplier of innovative instrumentation for the clinical, environmental, industrial and research laboratories. Our products are used worldwide to aid in human and veterinary in vitro diagnosis, food and environmental testing, biotechnology and life science research.

In 2002 MSE acquired the manufacturing and distribution rights of a line of ELISA readers and washers originally developed, produced and marketed by Hyperion Inc. of Miami, Florida. These instruments, which were already known worldwide under the trade names MicroReader™ and MicroWasher™ are now manufactured at our plant in Muenster/Germany, a place located about 35 kilometers south of Frankfurt's international Rhein/Main Airport.

MSE's facility near Frankfurt, Germany
We are committed to servicing the needs of both end users and distributors. The design of our instruments is the open system, which enables our readers to be programmed for virtually any type of test the results of which can be read by photometry. The great majority of our customers are small manufacturers and distributors of reagent kits based upon the ELISA technology. In order to compete effectively small suppliers of reagents need a reliable source of instrumentation that can accommodate their specific requirements. We are very proud of a large list of Authorized Distributors who have been placing our readers and washers with greatly satisfied laboratories all over the world. This network receives extensive training in the operation and application of our product offerings.

We strive to be the leader in our market segments through ongoing improvement of current offerings and creative solutions to customers’ emerging needs. Our Service department is committed to ensure the functionality and serviceability of our instruments. Should you encounter any issues with your product, MSE provides immediate technical assistance by telephone, fax and email and grants a 12 months warranty on all its instruments.